Truman State University

Tips to Non-Members


Do ask questions:

  • What is the GPA/Credit requirement for membership?
  • What community service activities are your chapter involved?
  • In what other organizations do your members participate?
  • What is the time commitment during the membership intake process?
  • What type of time commitment does being a member involve?

Do your research:

  • Look at the National and Truman State University websites to learn about the NPHC organizations (provided in the members section of this website)
  • Be open minded–organizations vary from campus to campus.

Do attend and participate in NPHC Greek Events:

  • Greek weeks, community service projects, and other greek events provide much information about the people in the organization that you can not obtain from a website or book.

Do be discrete:

  • You should not disclose your interest in a particular organization. If you have questions about a specific organization, ask the President of that organization.


  • Don’t do the organization’s hand sign or call.
  • Don’t break or jump into an organization’s stroll line at parties.
  • Don’t stereotype fraternities and sororities by what you hear.
  • Don’t get carried away and get yourself into trouble. Being on disciplinary probation with the University will prohibit you from joining a Greek organization.
  • Don’t ask a member of a Greek organization who is a part of their membership intake process.
  • Don’t disclose which particular organization that you would like to join with others.


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